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Janeth Moran — Broker-In-Charge/ Realtor SRES®

Since 2008, Janeth Moran has worked hard for home sellers and buyers in the bustling Triangle, North Carolina, real estate market. Through her company, Chateaux Realty, she helps homebuyers find just the right space for their families. She assists sellers in creating a valuable presence in the market. And she does it all with as little stress as possible.

Because of her dedication to her clients, Janeth goes above and beyond, supporting clients in whatever way they need. She brings eight years of unparalleled real estate negotiating skills to every sale. She can do the same for you, as she helps you get from first contact to final closing.

Benefits to Home Sellers

To provide the best experience possible for all home sellers, Janeth will:

  • Have professional photos taken of your home
  • Create a professional virtual video tour
  • Set up a professional interactive digital floor plan
  • Take professional property measurements
  • Prepare a professional hardcover book presentation of your home
  • Bring in a professional home staging consultation
  • Proactively look for buyers
  • Promote your home to new residents at the University of North Carolina who move to the area
  • Post ads on Craigslist, and more than 100 webpages
  • Send mass e-mails to hundreds of Realtors in the local area
  • Host open houses and special events
  • Hold special brokers’ open house

The Perfect Setting: Where Urban Meets Rural

Janeth gets enormous satisfaction in helping to relieve her clients’ stress. “Buying a house is like having a baby,” she says. “There is so much pain involved, but when the baby’s in your arms, you know it was all worth it.”

Prior to moving to Chatham County, Janeth spent a good deal of her career moving around with her Navy husband. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Puerto Rico and has sold real estate from California to Florida. A consummate saleswoman, she brings lessons in client relations from her healthcare background to bear at Chateaux Realty.

Now, she says, she lives in the best of all worlds. “It’s such a growing area and still has so much beautiful countryside. It’s exciting to be a part of the fabulous growth and to be in on the ground floor of such projects as Chatham Park.” As both a commercial and residential Realtor, Janeth is deeply committed to the Park, a 7,000-square-foot mixed-use development in the works in Pittsboro.

Bringing Values

And like the developers moving the earth in the county, Janeth strives for balance. She’ll move whatever obstacles stand in the way to find that same peace and balance for her clients. She has built a stable team of women at Chateaux Realty, and she appreciates the strength and super multi-tasking abilities they bring to the table.

Janeth is excited about the future for her company and for her clients. Real estate and quality-of-life values in the North Carolina Triangle and Chatham County areas, she believes, are only going to keep rising.

Phone: 919.533.9418

Ashlie Campbell — Stager, An Acquired Style

As the owner of An Acquired Style, Ashlie Campbell shares office space with Janeth Moran and her real estate team, and Ashlie believes it’s a great fit. She serves as their exclusive stager, helping home sellers prepare their houses in a way that maintains and highlights the style and ambiance of the home while encouraging homebuyers to see themselves living there.

“Janeth really cares about her clients,” Ashlie says of Moran, broker-in-charge at Chateaux Realty. “She has a big heart and always wants to give her clients what they need.”

And that need very often includes staging a home for sellers, which is Ashlie’s forte. She knows that each property is different and every home seller is unique. She likes to think of her role as a facilitator to bridge the gap between the seller and potential buyers. To see the property from both viewpoints, she has to step into the shoes of each.

Watch Your Step

It’s a delicate process, she says, and one that she doesn’t take lightly. She may, for example, need to persuade the seller to stow away all of the mementos and cherished belongings to give the house a more neutral palette. The goal is to show potential buyers how they can see themselves in it — rather than seeing it as a place where someone else lives.

With a design degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Ashlie likens her practice to that of a concierge. She adds value to the home selling process wherever it’s needed, for the Chateaux team and for their clients. The process works, and houses sell quickly because of the way they’re staged.

Ashlie and her family moved to Pittsboro in 2010. She loves the area; she says it’s poised to become one of the densest areas in North Carolina — and she’s been part of it from the beginning. She enjoys the support she gets from Janeth and other working women in the office and through a platform called the Housewives of Chatham County.

Debra Larios — Client Manager

Debra Larios appreciates the support she receives from her boss, Janeth Moran, and the whole team at Chateaux Realty. Her role in the company allows her to give that support — and more — right back to the team as they’ve come to rely on her many talents.

An accounting major at Central Carolina Community College, she is one of those millennials who thinks just as much about other people as she does about herself. “One thing I really like about working here is that we do more than just contracts,” Debra says. “We do community service too, like volunteering at Tokens of Care, a place for families experiencing domestic violence.”

A native of Guatemala, Debra serves as translator for the non-profit, just as she does for many families who come to the Chateaux Realty office. She moved to nearby Snow Camp with her family when she was 10 years old, and she’s taken a variety of different jobs since graduating high school — from doing factory work to taking care of children with special needs.

The Right Hand

Debra looks forward to transferring to a four-year college in the near future. She’s learning a tremendous amount about the real estate industry, which she finds challenging and interesting. She enjoys the diversity and different tasks she performs at Chateaux.

She will step in and learn anything she’s unfamiliar with, something she relishes. She also takes extra time ensuring that clients and vendors have the answers they need when they need them, as well as access to her boss when it’s appropriate. She’s the perfect gatekeeper.

And Debra has a slew of outside interests that grab her attention when she’s not working or in school. She’s a musician who plays piano; she’s taking guitar lessons, and she plays music on Sundays with her siblings in church. She’s also an avid soccer player who plays with a city league on the weekends.

Phone: 919.642.3731

Amy Montgomery — Broker and Realtor

Buying or selling a home doesn't have to be stressful, frustrating or confusing. Ann Montgomery draws on many years of experience in customer service, business management, accounting and small business ownership to successfully guide clients through the process. She spends time getting to understand her clients' goals so she can show them just the right homes. And because she understands the intricacies of the closing, Ann makes the whole process easy for everyone involved.
"I pride myself on the amount of passion I put forth in getting to know my clients and their needs," says Ann. "I carefully explain each step along the way and work tirelessly to assist families with their real estate needs."
Originally from Ohio, Ann moved to the Triangle area in February 2016, knowing it was and still is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. She put roots down by building a home in Apex, "the Peak of Good Living," and she's never looked back.

Helping Clients Move into Their Dreams

Ann's personal experiences give her the well-rounded background to help families find that special place to spend all the seasons of life. Her own experiences from being a single mom, to marrying and moving into a home with blended families, to empty-nesting have shaped her passion for real estate.

"It's so exciting to walk through the front door with buyers and see them envisioning their lives unfolding there," she says. "This is so much more than real estate. It's about helping my clients move forward with their lives and their dreams."
At Chateaux Realty since November 2018, Ann finds the support she needs to work her style of sales and excellent customer service. She credits her broker-in-charge, Janeth Moran, with always being encouraging and thorough. "She makes working as a team a breeze."

Ann enjoys travel and the outdoors, but mostly loves spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. She feels incredibly blessed and is always eager to participate in a good cause.

Brigitte Visscher — Agent

After a thriving 17-year career with American Express in Peru, Brigitte Visscher decided that life in her home country was unsafe. She took a big leap of faith and left behind the country she loves to move to Miami. She started a new life, studying at Northwestern University and then landing a career in sales.
After several years working in South Florida and learning about American culture, she moved to Chapel Hill, which she cites as one of the best decisions of her life. She loves living in the Triangle area because of the kindnesses she experiences every day. And in North Carolina, she can pursue her passions of hiking, biking and kayaking.
All in Balance

Being a Realtor with Chateaux Realty since March 2019 provides a perfect balance. She loves her job in sales and connecting with people face-to-face. For Brigitte, success means helping people find their perfect home. "It's almost selfish," she says. "When we give, we receive so much more in return."

Brigitte finds herself in good company at Chateaux, where she says broker-in-charge Janeth Moran cares about her clients. Brigitte says is "fearless" and has become an outstanding mentor. "Janeth is so knowledgeable about the Triangle community and her passion for real estate is simply contagious."
Travel Makes Her Appreciate Our State

After growing up on the coast of Peru, Brigitte can't go too long without enjoying an ocean view and her favorite seafood. An avid traveler, she loves exploring new places, traveling with friends, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. She's visited most countries in the Americas and has been to Europe and Africa a few times, as well.

When she finds spare time, she loves dining out with friends, going to concerts, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, practicing yoga, visiting art galleries and reading. Se sees her future inextricably entwined with her new home state and her work at Chateaux Realty. "We will continue welcoming new residents while keeping the Triangle a wonderful place to live and thrive."

Berqui "Berkie" Angeles — Broker

Berkie Angeles is passionate about real estate because she understands the value of a home. She believes that she lives her purpose when she helps improve people's lives.

"There's a certain joy and pride that comes from taking a house and visualizing the home it's going to be," she says. "It's magical."

After years in customer service in various industries, including the medical field, Berkie combined her experience with her love of serving and caring for others to become a Realtor. While she works with a diverse clientele with varying needs, it's the first-time homeowners that leave a special mark on her. "It never gets old," she says.
A New Career Choice

Berkie joined Chateaux Realty in August 2019 and appreciates that her colleagues also take client satisfaction seriously. She says that the materials and resources used to assist clients at Chateaux are impressive. While agents are independent, they all work well together with a willingness to help each other.
Born in NYC and raised in New Jersey, Berkie ventured into Pennsylvania for a few years before moving to Cary, NC, in 2007. A graduate of Kean University with a Bachelor's degree in management science international business, Berkie moved to Pittsboro in 2017.

And She Loves It Here

"I decided it was time to try something a little more rural," she says. "Pittsboro has always charmed me. It's a quaint little town surrounded by nature and local artists. I believe it's about to experience a huge growth spurt."
Berkie loves the central location, within easy reach of the spectacular western mountains and the glorious eastern coastline. With three grown children, Berkie and her husband enjoy travel and experiencing the people, food and music of her destinations. She's an avid reader and creative writer, as well as an overall arts lover. Their greatest gift is a beautiful granddaughter and their very spoiled wiener dog.

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