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Pittsboro is the county seat of Chatham County. It is a small town about 27-minutes to the southwest of Chapel Hill, and 33-miles due west of Raleigh. Pittsboro was established as a town in 1785, and like many communities in the English settled lands has a long history, with British influence. Pittsboro was officially named the county seat. Although Chatham County is named for William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, Pittsboro is named for his son, William Pitt the Younger.

The Chatham County Court House stood on land belonging to Miles Scurlock; however, in 1787, the legislature declared that a town could not be established on Scurlock's land. The town's trustees instead purchased adjacent land belonging to William Petty and laid out the town.

In 1881 a new brick courthouse was built in the square for $10,666. The Classical Revival brick edifice is elevated on a raised basement and is topped by a three-stage cupola. It was restored to its original appearance in 1991 and functions as the aesthetic heart of Pittsboro's Historic District. The district spans 59 acres and lists 92 principal buildings, 39 outbuildings, 3 cemeteries and a civil war monument. Unfortunately, the historic courthouse burned down in 2010, but the town immediately authorized its reconstruction

At the turn of the century the business district began to evolve from frame buildings to fire resistant brick storefronts. The historic architecture of Pittsboro remains an important visual reminder of the town's growth since the late eighteenth century.

Because of its proximity to nearby cities such as Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, real estate and commercial developers have taken an interest in Pittsboro. This is especially true for land to the north and east of the town, which is closer to the Triangle's major cities. At least one subdivision is planned for this area, which experts estimate will have a population larger than Pittsboro itself.

Residents of Pittsboro embrace small town values of respect for one another and a strong sense of community. Its' people are a diverse group of artists and farmers, merchants and students. Pittsboro is home to the North Carolina Zen Center, which supports software developers, bio-fuel research and production, antique shops and art galleries.

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